Pixilating People, or the Art of Automating Atari

Pac-Man as done by people

Let’s see… got [lastfm]The Cult [/lastfm]playing in the background, a pitcher of Tang, some Twinkies… what are we missing to complete our 1985 Basement Hibernation Experience?

Pac-Man, of course! Haven’t you been curious what he’s been up to for almost 30 years? Well, our good friend Billy shared this link with us yesterday and we cannot stop watching these videos…


Guillaume Reymond, a French-Swiss artist,¬†has created the GAME OVER Project which features stop-motion video performances of some of the most beloved Atari games of yesteryear. This recreation¬†was “played” by 111 human pixels that has moved from seat to seat during more than 4 hours.

Thanks, Billy! These videos are great. To see the entire series of pixilated-people-games, check out his blog “MonkeyBusiness”. If anybody else has great videos to share, please share them with us! Send us an email, write it down in the comment section, or solicit a sticker pimp at Jack’s Fifth Show and harrass them with your home videos.

[Source: MonkeyBusiness]


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