JACK’s 5th Show: The Fixx Mends All That’s Broken

the fixx 111 JACKs 5th Show:  The Fixx Mends All Thats Broken

You understand, you were there with us at Jack’s 5th Show; this is rock ‘n roll and every rock star must get their fix. As the delusional rock stars we are, one thing leads to another and those things were drinks. Many, many drinks. We watched [lastfm]The Fixx[/lastfm] in a delirious haze of fog machines and energy-drink infused booze and all we remember is that [lastfm]The Fixx[/lastfm] is still insanely cool.

Here’s what we liked most about The Fixx: the band members stood around backstage with wives, kids, friends, sunglasses, and intense musical fixation watching almost every other band. Now that is a sign of a stellar musician. They weren’t polishing off Coors Light and Doritos in their dressing room. They weren’t sneaking groupies in through their windows. They were legitimately enjoying the show.

In fact, you might say The Fixx was rocking out onstage all night long. And while we stood next to them, drinks in hand, The Fixx got us wasted. So the fact the we were practically passed out on the roof scaffolding, letting the sounds of “Red Skies” and “One Thing Leads To Another” wash over us like heavenly shots of tequila is all their fault.

We do vividly remember how much the audience loved them. Even the security guards were chanting along to every song. Their performance was one of those transcendental things; sublime in every way. These men have really grown in performance and stage presence.

Case in point. The Fixx now:

And The Fixx then:

As you can see, they really engaged the audience. It looked like they’re “aiming right at you/and me and everybody, everybody.”

Maybe that’s what happens when you are consummate musicians, intent on learning from everyone else’s sound.

Check out our The Fixx photo gallery and let us know what you thought about their set in the comments:

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