Ask Tami: What’s That Song? “Something about moving the family”

fastballtheway Ask Tami: What’s That Song? “Something about moving the family”

Hi Tami!
I’m looking for a song title and artist…the song in question was played September 20, 2010 at 10:43 a.m. (according to my clock) right after the song “Low Rider.”  A male singer, something about moving the family and not knowing where they would go….?  something like that.
Hope you can help!
Thank you,  
~Lori  :)

A song about a man not knowing what to do? Perfect, that narrows it down to about 12 million different tunes…

fastball Ask Tami: What’s That Song? “Something about moving the family”

Hi Lori-
That was FASTBALL “The Way”. Those kids are still lost, not ever knowing the way. Sad really.
Okay, enough.
Thanks for listening-

  • Adela

    On September 23, 2010 around 9:30pm a sound was playing that went something like “The guards are at your feet, the stars are on your head,” it has a great guitar solo, and I wanted to know the name of the song and artist.

    Thank you. :]

    • Tami Heide

      Hi Adela-
      That was The CULT “Edie”. Did you see the Cult at Jack’s 5th Show? They were great.

  • Karen O

    On Sept 24, 2010 around 1:00 pm a song came on with a male singer, kind of a slower song. Saying something about “breathing out while I breathe you in.” Dire Straight – Money for Nothin came on right afterwards.

    • Tami Heide

      Hi Karen-
      That was FOO FIGHTERS “Everlong”, the acoustic version.

  • Dana

    9.28.10 @ 8:30p. Sounded like a big production techno band from the ’80s. Thanks.

  • Geoff

    I can’t remember how the song went or what song it followed, however, The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy may have followed it – it was played around 2:35am on September 25

  • Jonathan

    On October 4 2010, around 6:45pm-7pm something about “take me out tonight” but it’s not that song you’re thinking by Eddie Money.

    Thank you :D

    • kalavinka

      could it have been the smiths “there is a light that never goes out”?

  • Scott

    I haven’t heard this song for a couple of months but if you can pull it out of ……… I’ll be grateful!!!!! Female singer kind of a chanting chorus yea or yes & mainly acoustic. Every time I ask someone about this song I get the What if God song as an answer – It’s not that song. Help me!!!!

  • Jules

    On October 8, around 11:30 am. It’s a long song, sounded like an oldie. The song began with laughter, it has piano playing, male singer.

  • Nicole

    Hi Tami,
    Hope you can help me find this song…

    Will you follow me into history if I dance with you will you dance with me? Doo doo do de doo doo

    The lyrics probably aren’t correct. Please help it is in my head.


    • kalavinka

      Nicole, that sounds like Adam Ant “Strip”… instead of dance he sings of stripping… “we’re just following ancient history, if I strip for you would you strip for me”

  • Doug

    What song was playing today at 530pm??

  • Diana

    Hi Tami,
    On October 10 at about 12 pm, i heard this reeally good song, but i don’t know who sang it or what the name of the song was. I do remember that ZZ Top played not long after the song though. Thank you!
    Wish you the best,

  • Diana

    Hi Tami,
    On October 10 at about 12 PM, i heard this song. I don’t remember anything about it except that it was really good. I Do remember though that ZZ Top played not long after. I would reeally appreciate the help. Thank you!
    Wish you the best,

  • Leslie Bettino

    Hey tami!

    i emailed a few days ago and the songs you responded with didn’t fit with what i was looking for. It was Monday, October 11, around 1:25pm. I remember a lot of piano/keyboard in the song. It is a male… and then a woman comes in with a lot of soul towards the end of the song. I think a line says, “oh, I love you still…” then background singers say, “what you gonna do when… (don’t know the words)” Is any of this sounding familiar???


  • Kim

    Hi Tami,
    Last night (thurs) at 7pm-ish JackSeattle played a fun eighties song. Duet between a man and a woman. Man’s line “I’m a man” woman’s lines “I’m a slut, I’m a hooker, I’m a little girl” (not necessarily in that order). Who was the artist. One hit wonder?

    • kalavinka

      sounds like berlin “sex (i’m a)”

  • Justin

    Hi, I heard a song played October, 20 around 5:00 p.m. central.
    It was a lady singing that sounded like Paula Abdul, I’m not sure if the lyrics are correct but it sounded like she was singing ” no muscle man, is what i want, its sweetness that i’m looking for, we like to groove to the hip hop beat… that’s all i can remember thanks!!

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