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Ask Tami: What’s That Song? “un huh un huh un huh un huh”

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libby01 Ask Tami: Whats That Song? un huh un huh un huh un huh

Hey Tami! I heard a song on Monday morning sometime between 7-8am. It’s a classic rock song with a male vocal and he sings a line and then plays the guitar with no lyrics and then there’s a break where it slows down a couple of times and it sounds like “un huh un huh un huh un huh” (slow). I don’t think there are many lyrics in the part he does say!

Hope this helps!


The only lyrics you could make out were the dying groans of a cat caught in a garburator? How much tougher could this possibly get? Come on, Tami. Let’s hope you get this one…

libby Ask Tami: Whats That Song? un huh un huh un huh un huh

(We assume this lady to be the notorious Libby)

Hmmm. Guessing here Libby.

[lastfm]AEROSMITH[/lastfm] “Dream On”
[lastfm].38 SPECIAL [/lastfm]”Caught Up In You”
[lastfm]GENESIS [/lastfm]”Follow You Follow Me”

Anything? Let me know.


Wow! Tami didn’t know? That’s rough. Looks like it’s up to you guys to figure this one out!

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