Best Family Feud Response Ever?

feud Best Family Feud Response Ever?
So many jokes I want to make in this introduction but alas, I want to preserve the moment. Do yourself a favor, click on that little more tab, and be prepared to laugh…

Anybody else kinda wishing Steve Harvey woulda just went with the whole thing and said…”SHOW ME…… PENIS!!!!!”

My favorite part is she doesn’t even react to blurting out penis. She is really ready to just continue like penis is an acceptable or even accurate answer to the question.  Just wow. Well done Secily. You’re my kinda woman.

This one is a great game show blooper, but I still don’t think it’s enough to knock off the all-time number one…

That one,  is going to forever ring thru the anals, (sorry I couldn’t resist) ANNALS, of history.


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