Keith Richards Gives Drug Advice To Young Musicians

Kieth Richards gives some good ol' fashioned drug advice

Oh Keith. It’s part of the reason we love you so much. Like he’s been all his life, tongue-in-cheek [lastfm]Rolling Stones [/lastfm]guitarist Keith Richards calls out Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty on their drug habits and corrects them in their addictions. It’s as if he were grabbing the joint right out of their hands, slapping them on the wrist and scolding, “You’re not doing it right, mate! This is how you burn one down.”

At this point, can he even tell if it’s ironic? In an interview with Another Man magazine for an issue curiously titled their ‘Altered States’ issue, Richards took it upon himself to bring those unworthy to his drug-addled salvation. He called out the stars who have had troubles in the past and shook them out their perceived reality.

“‘Amy Winehouse and Pete take drugs for the same reasons we did. All I’d say is take your drugs in your spare time, if that’s what you want to do, but don’t mix it up. I’ve had a word with Pete about this but it don’t make any difference. If you mix it up you’re just gonna fall like a million others. I’ve seen too many friends gone that way.”

Wait, Keith Richards took drugs?? We were under the impression nobody did drugs in the 60’s and 70’s. And to find out now that there are still musicians using drugs recreationally… well, let’s just say JACK FM may need to pick up that ol’ 6-string we plucked back in college. What do you say Keith? Up for a little jam session?

[Passed on the left from MusicNews]


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