Ask Tami: What’s That Song? “Sounds like oldie”

The band, B-Movie!

October 8 around 11:40 am. Song began with laughter, has piano playing, male vocal. Sounds like oldie and it was a pretty long song.


Hey! Look! Specifics!

After a week of incredibly tough ‘Ask Tami’ queries, it’s refreshing to see one that includes a bevy of information. Let’s just hope Tami Heide hasn’t grown lazy and can muster up enough know-how to get ‘er done.

Hi Jules-

That was B-MOVIE “Nowhere Girl”. One of our most asked about songs ever.

p.s. a friends and I were discussing lyrics we got wrong, he thought that song was “No-oh eggnog…” Funny!


    Hi Tami

    I heard a song I liked sat Oct 16th @ 530pm -6pm. It played right before Eric Clapton song cocaine. Didn’t catch the name of that song

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