Stones Squash Rumors Of Retirement

[lastfm]The Rollings Stones [/lastfm]have been all over the news with their recent box set madness, reissues out the wahzoo, and book tours. Where are the guitars? Which hotels are they throwing televisions out of? What rock stars are they kickin’ it backstage with? It seems the quintessential 60’s rock band have long-forgotten their promise to their fans – “We Will Rock ‘Til We Drop!”

Sure it’s gotta be tough being a rock star approaching 70. With Mick and Keith trading blows back and forth, it’s an unsettling time for any Rolling Stones fan. When we crashed that baby shower over the weekend, we overheard Linda’s grandma say she thinks The Stones have run their course. Of course that was after four whiskey-prune juices, so what does she know.

Ronnie Wood took time away from his gallery opening and promised fans the band has no intention of retiring. He announced they would play as long as possible, or til the Apocalypse comes around. So we get to see them play for 14 more months? Rock on!

Let’s take a look at a classic Stones concert. Maybe this will inspire some stage time!

[Source: Music-News]


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