Jack’s Fifth Show: The Motion Picture

pic1 1633 Jacks Fifth Show: The Motion Picture

Do you remember Jack’s Fifth Show?  One month ago, we were in the crowd drunkenly shouting all the words to [lastfm]Steve Miller Band[/lastfm]’s “The Joker,” [lastfm]Night Ranger[/lastfm]’s “Sister Christian,” and countless others.  But for those who missed the show or were too intoxicated to completely remember the events that unfolded, here’s a video treat to relive the show over and over again.  Check it out to see if you made a cameo in the Jack Fifth Show Motion Picture…

Thanks to all of the sponsors, including TACA for raising awareness about autism.  You guys rock!

For more information on TACA, click here

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  • Evilevie

    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!! I was the first person on there!!

  • Linda

    Awesome video, cant wait for the next Jack show!

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