JACK’s Halloween Stick-Up!


JACK FM Stick Up


Ahhhhh! We scared ourselves again…

Hopefully we’ll be back to our normal selves by Saturday, October 30th. The Sticker Pimps will be holding a Stick-Up at 8:00am at The Honda Center in Anaheim. Be on the lookout though – our Sticker Pimps may be dressed up as ghosts, goblins, or maybe even Snooki (terrifying)! Don’t be afraid, just let them slap a sticker on the back of your automobile and you will find yourself with a nice little Halloween gift. Trick or treat our ass – nothing but goodies when JACK FM gives you the hook up!

Halloween Trick-or Treat STICK-UP


2695 E Katella Ave
Anaheim, CA 92806

The first 300 cars that roll thru and allow the Sticker Pimps to put a sticker on their car will receive a pair of tickets to see the Anaheim Ducks, a pumpkin, and a JACK-FM t-shirt!

  • jeff

    cool, r u gyz affiliated with jack surfboards? looks like the same logo…

  • nicole

    which ducks game are the tickets for?

    • sha

      yeah—- what game?!?!!? what time is good to get there?

    • Tammy

      I will be rolling to the honda center for the fun and freebies, see you there.

  • Jan-e-ice

    what time can we start lining up?

  • Jon

    Many thanx Jack! Bring back Jacktoberfest next year, ok?

  • Stephen

    I also would like to know what days those tickets are good for. I was looking to use them for the Duck/Penguins game on the Fri Nov. 5th.

  • cathleen spears

    Are you guys going to give away turkeys this year at pomona fairgrounds before thanksgiving. please let me know asap. Can’t wait to get my pumpkin on saturday

  • Ozzy Ventura

    Excellento! c u there guys!

  • Ozzy Ventura

    …and yah…what freaky game?

  • chris

    This Sucks.. I don’t get off of work till 8:30 a.m and I work in Santa Fe Springs…..

  • duckfan

    wat game r the tickets good for?

  • rob

    yeah whats the date on the ducks tickets please let me no thanks

  • Heidi

    What game are the tickets good for

  • looney

    When can people start lining up??

  • matt

    WTF!? I thought you were giving away tickets to Devo/Psychedelic Furs? This page has been altered to read “see the Anaheim Ducks”…what, the, HECK?

  • tracey

    what happen to devo

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