European Art Museum Offers $1400 Mushroom Trip As “Installation Piece”

mushroom European Art Museum Offers $1400 Mushroom Trip As Installation Piece

Getty Images // Sean Gallup

$1400 bucks?! That dude in Venice offered us the same thing, but for the low, low price of $20 and the rest of our cheesy beany burrito!

But seriously folks. If you’re going to visit the Berlin Museum for Contemporary Art, feel free to book yourself the night of your life. That fat wad o’ cash will give you residence for one full night atop a giant mushroom with all the soma you will ever need.

How is this considered an art installation? Check out the details – they’re a bit of a stretch.

Leave it up to Swedish artist Carsten Holler to bring the psychedelic back into art.

First of all, let’s get one thing straight. What exactly is this soma?

According to the beliefs of Vedic nomads in northern India during the second millennium BC, soma is “a mythical drink with powers to heal, enlighten and provide access to the divine.”

OK, fine, we can deal with that.

While today nobody really knows what soma was made of, researchers have recreated a similar drink from the fly agaric mushroom – or more widely known as magic mushrooms.

Soma “inspired” Holler for this installation. Not a stranger to the odd and unbelievable, Holler created a floating hotel room which suspends over a platform shaped like a mushroom. This piece allows guests the “opportunity to dive into the world of soma,” for the limited-time offer of $1400 American dollar bills.

Still, $1400? Too expensive for our tastes. Unless somebody wants to buy us an early birthday gift….

[Yahoo has, like, the exact same story as us, man!]


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