[Video] Football Announcers FREAK OUT Over Blown Call

Ahh, football season. Those few months in the year that elicits some of the greatest sport-fanatics of our time. Then again, is there anything greater than sitting at a bar, chowing down on some chicken wings and yelling at the TV?

How about last week at your neighborhood bar? Remember that? Throwing back a few brewskies with the game on, when suddenly IT happened. We all started yelling at the TV because that incomplete pass was clearly a lateral!

What, you don’t remember that? Wait – does your bar get high school games? Oh. That’s all our break room gets, so that’s all we watch.

And sometimes it really works out for us. Watch this clip between high school rivals the Abington Green Wave and the Rockland Bulldogs. The throw is very obviously a lateral, but the ref blows it and calls it incomplete.

The best part? The high school announcers go completely berserk. They go nuts. They flip out. Try to keep a straight face through all of this.

This video comes shortly after last week’s announcer freak out video.


If you aren’t getting these games in your neighborhood bar, we think it’s high time you start harassing Boris (or whatever your bartender’s name is) to subscribe to these channels. Besides, we know your high school didn’t allow drinking on the premises, so this is a good way to get back at Principal Morgahdorforwitz.

[Source: Yahoo]


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