Rise of the Machine: The Only Reason Anyone Should Care That The Giants Won The World Series

The Giants won the World Series. “I don’t care,” you say. “I hate the Giants. GO DODGERS! In fact, I hate baseball. GO RAIDERS! And EVERYONE knows about that upcoming three-peat. GO LAKERS!”

Slow down, El Presidente.

There is one member of the San Francisco Giants that is deservedly getting attention from this World Series victory- Closer Brian Wilson.

Brian Wilson is a very unique person who would probably have been a culture jammer in the 1980’s, if he were old enough (and if anyone knew what a culture jammer is), or a member of one of them Fight Clubs that popped up in the Late 90’s.

Check out him out on the Cheap Seats where his “neighbor” makes an appearance-

Nice to know that the star of the Snuff Film in Nicolas Cage’s 8mm can afford to live in such a nice neighborhood.

And if you were wondering if Brian Wilson is always this way during sports interviews, check out when he sat down with Jim Rome-

Delicious indeed.


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