Finally! Dogs Can Drink A Microbrew With You Too!

[getty id=”29026″ title=”Brewery Launches Beer For Thirsty Dogs (Photo by Michel Porro/Getty Images)” src=”×256.jpg”%5D


Did you know that JACK FM is run by a wild pack of Chinese Cresteds? We’re always trying to get them to let down their guard and hang out with us, but nooooooooo. They’re dogs, they say they can’t have a beer with us. We keep telling them it would lighten up their mood, but those damn dogs are just so…. bitchy sometimes.

Now they have no excuse. Today we learned that the Dutch have crafted a microbrew available for dogs.

We’re excited for our canine counter-parts, but we don’t think we’ll be ordering a glass for ourselves anytime soon, as appetizing as this brew sounds:

“Stateside, Napa Valley-based Dog Star Brewing Company sells Happy Tail Ale brewed in copper kettles and made with malted barley and beef drippings. Their beer is fortified with glucosamine and Vitamin E to promote healthy joints and a shiny coat.”

We’re sure if dogs could read, they would be drooling at that sales pitch.

So whadaya say, Big Dogs that run JACK FM? Have a brewsky with us at the pub come quittin’ time? We’ll get the first round. Just remember, if you get liquored up and promise us a commercial free rendition of [lastfm link_type=”similar_artist_radio”]Traffic[/lastfm]’s John Barleycorn Must Die, it ain’t our fault.

[Source: The Star]


One Comment

  1. That microbrew sounds perfect for dogs. They’re bound to love that beefy flavor, and their owners are bound to love the fact it will be good for their dogs’ health. I, too, second the sentiment that I have been waiting a long time to kick back and have a beer with my best friend– my dog. Cheers!

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