Go, Diego, Go! I’m Late For Work!

Man uses Diego doll to use Carpool Lane

Like you’ve never thought of doing the same thing…

Last week in Seattle, a couple of super troopers were hanging out along the I-405 on ramp. They were probably radioing Favra, or playing “Meow” with each other.

Kicking back, brushing their mustaches, they noticed a strange passenger riding along in the carpool lane. The passenger had large, vacant eyes and was keeping eerily still.

That’s because the passenger was a doll. A Diego doll. A Diego doll from the children’s show Go, Diego, Go!

That’s right. The stuffed doll from the Nickelodeon children’s show was keeping the driver company when he realized he was late for work. So he grabbed his daughter’s doll, hopped in the HOV lane, and promptly got a ticket for trying to circumvent the law.

Serves him right. Everybody knows Diego will get ya caught. Gotta go with Dora The Explora.

[Source: AP]


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