[Video] And You Say You Wanted A White Christmas…

The snow blizzard takes over New York, New Jersey, Boston,

by Jordy Altman

It seems as though all we’ve heard over the weekend were snide remarks about the lack of a “White Christmas“. If we understand correctly, we’re all residents of Los Angeles, home of the season-less year and the 70-degree December. Were people expecting a snow-capped Christmas because of the constant coverage of the Northeast blizzard blunder of 2010?

It probably didn’t help the cause when our beautiful city was pummeled by torrential rains for almost a week. Hey, at least it didn’t flood on Christmas!

But for those of you who still feel as if you missed out, check out this time-lapse video of a New Jersey backyard as it submits to the power of the Great Snow Storm of 2010. Mountains of snow overnight, and you can watch it happen in just under a minute.


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