Spider-Man Musical Performs Without Accident, Actress Quits

Spiderman Turn Off The Dark actress quits with new safety precautions

by Jordy Altman

It’s about a man…

It’s about a Spider-Man

It’s about a singing, dancing, webslinging Spider-Man…

It’s 65 million dollars deep…

And now it may have lost its lead actress.

News coverage of the ever-challenging U2 scored Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark musical has been dismal for the past few months. First, the music received less than stellar reviews…

Then the concept was mocked…

And finally, tales and videos of the many accidents hit the internet.

After countless critiques of the dangers and disasters that seem to plague Spider-Man, extra safety precautions have been taken. Now, a second person will be checking all six stunt doubles harnesses each night. While this may not seem like much, the extra handling will result in another delay.

It seems that the musical will slightly more safe, yet just as the comic goes, when life starts to look good for Peter Parker, things only take a turn for the worst. Lead actress Natalie Mendoza has reportedly bowed out of the musical. During a performance earlier in the month, she suffered a concussion after a large rope fell on her head. Now, after the recent accident involving one of the stunt-doubles, she had enough.

While the musical continues previews until it’s opening night on February 7, 2011 at New York‘s Foxwoods Theatre, audiences everywhere are still wondering if the show must go on. What will it take for the cast and crew to cut their losses?

[Source: nme.com, Newser

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