[Video] Smack The Suck Out Of Your Guitarist

Singer smacks guitarist for a bad solo

by Jordy Altman

Remember how cool it was attending JACK’s Fifth Show? Dozens of bands, hours of good tunes, rock star after rock star after rock star…

At least that’s what they tell us. Hell, we don’t remember. We were passed out in the Bustache by lunch.

The important part is that we heard some great guitar work – in-between blackouts – throughout the entire day. An amazing guitar solo never fails to impress the ladies and get the dudes psyched.

So we don’t really blame this singer for wanting to decapitate his guitar player. DON’T MESS WITH THE SOLO DUDE, DO IT LIKE WE PRACTICED.


guitarist gets smacked for a sucky solo
by Jordy Altman

[Source: Break.com]


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