Best Joke At The Party: Got Any Grapes?

best joke at the party

by Jordy Altman


You meet your co-workers at your boss’ house for the big holiday party. Everybody’s cuttin’ loose and tossin’ a few back. Doesn’t take long for the giggles to start…

What happens when they all start telling jokes? Are you going to be ready? After all, that promotion isn’t going to just slip into your lap – you have to earn it by telling the Best Joke At The Party!

jokes Best Joke At The Party: Got Any Grapes?

by Jordy Altman

So a duck walks into a bar and goes straight to the bartender.

“Hey, ya got any grapes?” asks the duck.

The bartender gives a wary eye to the fowl. “No, duck. This is a bar. We serve beer and liquor, but no grapes.”

“Oh,” says the duck. “OK!”

Whirling around, the duck walks right out the door.

The next day, the duck returns, waddling right up the bar.

“Hey, ya got any grapes?” the duck eagerly asks.

The bartender, already annoyed from the day before, slams him fist down on the countertop.

“No, duck! I already told you yesterday, we do not serve grapes. We serve beer! We serve liquor! Now get out of my bar and don’t come back! If I see you in here again tomorrow, I’m going to cut off your head and nail it to my wall!”

The duck looks the bartender dead in the eye.

“Oh,” he says. “OK!”

Whirling around, the duck walks out the door. The bartender gives a sigh of relief and returns to his other patrons.

The next days comes. The bartender spends most of his morning watching the door, waiting. After two hours, there is no sign of the duck. Relieved, the bartender begins his daily chores.

Suddenly, the door flies open. Casting a long shadow deep into the bar, the duck struts in with his beak held high. Slowly and carefully, the duck approaches the bartender.

“Hey, ya got any nails?” asks the duck.

“Nails? No….”

“Great! Got any grapes?”


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