[Video] Seinfeld… THE GREAT

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Jerry Seinfeld mashup the Great

by Jordy Altman

The internet is really a magical thing, churning out greatness at 200-gigs-per-second. It’s hard to believe nobody used it back in the 1990’s

Hey, know what else happened in the 1990’s? Why, Seinfeld, of course!

You’ve probably seen it before (because here at JACK FM, we’re light-years behind) but a YouTube user by the name of TRMUS1C spends his free time re-cutting old clips from Seinfeld episodes, recasting our beloved friends as maniacs, secret agents, world leaders, and more.

In his latest effort, we get the privilege of seeing Jerry Seinfeld as an evil mastermind, bent on taking over the world… with the help of his sidekick, George.

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