Stripper Shortage at the Super Bowl?

stripper2 Stripper Shortage at the Super Bowl?

Getty Images/ Justin Sullivan

OH GOD THE HUGE MANATEE!!! They are saying there is a super stripper shortage in Dallas in this, Super Bowl week. SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!

SOURCE: Fox News

Dallas area strip clubs, expecting a boom in lusting patrons, are scrambling for exotic dancers to meet the expected onslaught….

Showtime Cabaret’s John Walsh told TMZ his establishment is looking for an additional 100 to 120 lap dancers for the big football weekend.

One advertisement says, “We Want You!! Ladies, are you coming to [Dallas-Fort Worth] for the big game week? Want a safe, clean club to make the big $$$ in?”

Walsh said the 60 or so Dallas-area strip clubs will require approximately 10,000 strippers combined.

Officials from Arlington, Tex., home to Cowboys Stadium where the game will be played, said they expect 300,000 visitors for Super Bowl weekend.

It just cannot be. A stripper shortage? We may really be in the end times here people.

But I fully expect healthy young ladies from all over America to lend a hand here to Dallas. I mean….this is AMERICA right people?

Maybe this will inspire the feminine youth of today to do their part…


Read the full TMZ story HERE…


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