[The Razzies Awards] Worst Supporting Actor

Supporting Actor

Image Credit: Jordy Altman

We’re sure it’s hard to give the middle finger to Hollywood, year after year, so JACK FM is here to help you out. SUCK IT OSCARS

Up next: Worst Supporting Actor of 2011.

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The nominations for Worst Supporting Actor are…

And the JACK FM bid for the 2011 Worst Supporting Actor Razzie is…

George Lopez!
We thought Schneider was going to take the cake, but the man has already won multiple Razzies. Let’s give the honor to somebody else for once!

BONUS: JACK FM takes a peek into the future and predicts what else will top the list in years to come…

  • Worst Supporting Actor of 2012
    SCREAM 4
    David Arquette
    Don’t worry! The award is supposed to be “ironic” too… we think.

Agree? Disagree? Think a different horrible movie should have made the list?

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