[Ask JACK Anything] Highlights From 2010

ask jack [Ask JACK Anything] Highlights From 2010

Image Credit: Jordy Altman

Called the hotline? Yelled at the radio? Crafted smoke signals in the parking lot of our dumpy, little building? Sorry, we weren’t ignoring you. We… uh… were drying our hair?

OK, sorry about that. Let’s try this again. Here is your place to be heard. Take advantage because this is where the magic happens. Leave a question in the comment section below and you may just find your answer… RIGHT HERE!

donnieboy asks: Jack, I need your help. OK I went out and found some black hair dye, Bought a book on ebonics but I can’t seem to find Orangutan Orange Sun Tan spray to complete my transformation to a Jersey Shore member. Do you know the brand of Orange glow they use? 

JACK says: Schnookie apparently uses MysticTan. Dont ask how we know, its enough that we do. 


Jack asks: Would you ever come out to a event in ILLINOIS for an event for a Charity American Cancer Society Relay for life? YES/NO/AND Y OR Y NOT. 

JACK says: Is there an Illinois Ave in Santa Monica we’re not familiar with or…. 


joey asks: Jack, The video store keeps calling. Your copy of ‘Shaving Ryans Privates’ is 4 weeks past due. 

JACK says: That bird’s a liar. 


cypher asks: Jack, Why can’t you do a Sticker Pimp event at the lil dive bar up the street from your office. Sticker, T-shirt and a beer? 

JACK says: Yeah. We’re not welcome at the Backstage Bar n Grill anymore. Not since Rumpleminz Tuesday’s got out of control last year. 


kujo asks: Jack. Stacy’s mom has got it going on. Just though I’d let you know 

JACK says: Thanks Kujo. We were not aware. 


miles Stein asks: when were you born? 

JACK says: St. Patricks Day, 2005. Hoooray beer!! 


Brian asks: Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?  

JACK says: Fail. 


Rick asks: Are you going to listen to the President’s STFU speech tonight? 

JACK says: Weird. We didnt even know the government had a Strategic Traffic Forensics Unit. 


Art asks: Jack can I shave your back? 

JACK says: Ok thats creepy. Not because you wanna shave our back but because right now, our back TOTALLY needs shaving. See you tomorrow? 


D O U G asks:………………………hello?……………………… 


 Called our hotline? Yelled at the radio? Crafted smoke signals in front of our dumpy, little building? Well, we’ve been ignoring you – until now!

  • Susan

    Please one request “if you could only see” by tonic :)

    Please, Please, Please, thank you, thank you

  • George

    i need to know what songs were playing between 8:30 and 9:50 pm on the evening Sunday August 29, if you were living in Mid Missouri, PLEASE

  • Mr Skittles

    You wanna go to walmart with a BIG bag of skittles and toss them at people YELLING !! taste the rainbow …

  • Jim from Bellflower

    Well guess who’s back”Raider Guy from bellflower” Feeling pretty good about are wonderful Raiders. I’ve been gone for a while,listening to country music”Keep falling asleep” So i’m back to the mother ship,listening to good rock. I know,your waiting for my chant,Here WE GOOO! GGGGOOOOOO RRRAAAIIIDDDERRRRSSS….yes

    • Jim from Bellflower

      I guess no ones at Jack Radio to answer the questions.

  • pomonajuan1

    Hey JACK can u play a song from AMERICA …VENTURA HIGHWAY..THANKS BRO. ahah

  • doug

    ntwhy are radio stations now cutting off the ends of songs??
    like if thier is a guitar solo at the end or somthing,there is nothing worse than hearing a song like “comfortably numb”
    cut short. just because thier is no singing doesnt mant we dont want to HEAR THE WHOLE THING!!!!! AAAAHHHH

  • chris shaheen

    me @ my wife love you jack we always listen too you all the time. when are you going to have a jack stick up in the sanfernando valley are. we wold like to see you,.

  • [D]

    Jaaack, You told me I won the caption contest on Jan 27th but I still haven’t seen an e-mail with directions to on how to receive my free t-shirt. I <3 you and only want to advertise your assertive indifference to public opinion locally.

  • Freon

    Just heard “Money For Nothing.” FAIL! Only LAME-O radio stations are afraid to play the original version because they’re afraid of gay activists. Grow a pair, then play the song the way it was meant to be heard!

  • kevin

    hi jack why dont you take request like other stations you must have a big library of music im working on my too i have a small bedroom i can tell you how much i have right now 1,614 compact discs,2,588 vinyl records,5,421 45rpms and 977 cassettes do i have enough to operate a station some of my things are very rare not a whole lot and i work at a record store for more than 20 years and i just started back i had to take some time off i hope it wont happen again thought i would let you know have you thought about playing some old school from the 80s that would go good with your format let me know what you think

  • sheyicess1974


  • Jack Carson

    I’m trying to find out who the female artist is that sings the song about eating cars, eating bars, and now only eats guitars

    • Jack Carson

      Anybody know the answer to the above question?

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