Black Eyed Peas Super Bowl Half Time Performance Worst Ever?

christopherpolk1 Black Eyed Peas Super Bowl Half Time Performance Worst Ever?

Getty Images/Christopher Polk

Quick. What do the Black Eyed Peas and Linda Loveless have in common?

If you said they were both underappreciated performance artists then you would be wrong. I actually respected Linda Loveless’ work. If you were under a rock, blacked out drunk, or working during the Super Bowl yesterday and missed it….here ya go…

I’m not kidding in the least when I say that while watching that video again just now while writing this story, I really and truly thought about stabbing myself in the eye with this Bic pen that is sitting here beside my keyboard.

Jesus Harold Christ what an abomination that was. Way to go Slash. Way to edge closer to Axl Rose on my all time hate chart bar graph.

And what was going on with Christina Aguilera during The National Anthem? Can’t we get anything right?

We haven’t had a Super Bowl Half Time Show worth a flip since that one chocolate boobie offended us all in 2004. In my own head “offended” isn’t the word I come up with when remembering Nipplegate but I guess to some it was.

But never fear Super Bowl planning people. I think I have the perfect act to handle next years half time proceedings…



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