[Video] “I Was Surprised By The Robber’s Politeness…”

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Image Credit: Jordy Altman

The convenience store clerk – an underrated, unassuming position that we come in contact with every day, yet never pay more than a moments notice. Grab a coke, slip some cash, on our way, done.

Here at JACK, we know that there is more to running the register behind plated glass. After all, it seems like there is a new robbery everyday concerning an innocent store clerk and a frantic gunman. Can you imagine how terrifying it must be to have a gun waved in your face as you wildly grab at your cash stash?

Last week, there was another store robbery in Seattle. (Un)Luckily for this clerk, the thief was a soft-spoken, pleasant, apologetic so-and-so. He was so unassuming in fact, that the clerk says, “Thank you” after being robbed.


After surveillance footage surfaced, the video hit the web and the clip was viral. Thanks to the internet, the culprit was apprehended and the store clerk was given his $300 back.

[Source: AP]

  • Gina Champagne

    I wouldn’t have argued or had a conversation with someone pointing a gun at me but GOD is good at least he got his money back not to mention he’s still alive and kicking!

  • evie

    Thank you for not shooting me.

  • Joseph

    What a polite robber; I am sure he would have apologized profusely if the store clerk resisted and he was forced to shoot him.

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