Don’t Tell Lebowski, 2011 Is The Year The Tape Deck Died

Discontinued from automobile production

Image via Mental Floss

It’s been a helluva ride, cassette deck. We’re sorry that you have to go. If it were up to us, you’d still be our cars, right above our 8-track player.

Really tied the room together…

Welcome to the future, audiophiles. It’s come to our attention that the last car model to offer a tape deck was a 2010 Lexus. Now that 2011 is the future and all, cassettes and mix tapes are obsolete. While it seemed that the automobile standard of audio excellence was the CD player, that too is already on its way out. Woah – the future moves pretty fast.

Moving forward, cars will now be equipped with tiny computers that will store your music, control your radio, prepare your dinner, and finish that work presentation that was due yesterday.

Cars. Pffft. Who needs ’em. Give us a couple of CCR tapes and a White Russian and we’ll be sittin’ fine ’til 2023.

[Source: Mental Floss]


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