Proposed Robo Cop Statue in Detroit Goes Viral

robopaint Proposed Robo Cop Statue in Detroit Goes Viral
Maybe you read the story here at earlier this week but Detroit Mayor Dave Bingo Tweeted that there were no plans to erect a statue of Robocop in Detroit despite the growing suggestion that they do so….then this happened..

First off, here is the Tweet that started it all….
robo1 Proposed Robo Cop Statue in Detroit Goes Viral

Now, the website Kickstarter, an online threshold pledge system for public funding of creative projects, has picked up where Mayor Dave Bing left us all hanging. is accepting pledges to publicly fund the building of said Robocop statue. They need $50,000 by midnight, March 26th. As of press time for this article they have raised $12,419.

I tend to agree with this grassroots movement. If Philly can have a Rocky statue, it only stands to reason that Detroit should honor the late, great Robocop.

It’s only right.

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