Ask Tami: What’s That Song? “Beatles song for sure”


abraham lincoln1 Ask Tami: Whats That Song? Beatles song for sure

Image Defamation Credit: Jordy Altman


What day date and time, am or pm, did you hear it on JACK FM?
-January 07, 2011 (today), about between 10AM-12PM
What songs played before and after the song in question?
-No idea.
What are some lyrics from the song?
-No idea
What were you wearing when you heard the song?
Male or female vocals and any other identifiers like what decade it’s from, what instruments stand out, etc.
-It was a Beatles song for sure. 100% positive. Just need a name! Thank you.

Abraham Lincoln is a fan of JACK FM?!?!

Tread lightly, Tami Heide. He used to be the president (and his birthday was February 12) 

Ask Tami

Photo by Tony Koch

Hi Abraham-

That was “In My Life”.



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