Sticker Pimps Want To Meet You For Lunch!

You tell us where we should do our next Lunch Hit

Let's do lunch

One of the favorite pastimes of a Sticker Pimp is going out to lunch – you know, setting up a tent, giving out prizes, and playing the best music you will hear all day – all done over soup and a sandwich. Now we’re picking up our leftovers and steppin’ out to YOUR favorite eateries.

Know a great place to grab a slice? Or maybe you serve up the best submarine sandwich in Los Angeles? Now’s your chance to show those Sticker Pimps where their territory lies.

Fill out the form below and let us know where you wanna see us.

  • Mark

    Rick’s Burgers on the corner of Walnut and El Molino Avenues in Pasadena.

  • mar vista_al

    Duhhhhh Jack….
    It’s gotta be the Costco / Albertsons / In and Out Burger parking lot, on Washington Blvd. in Culver City….
    I’ll even volunteer to help……
    You’re welcome Jaaaaaack!!!!

  • Michael J

    Pinocchio’s in Burbank on Magnolia. Excellent homemade meat sauce and Gelato

  • Daniel De La Cruz

    This place rocks and has a lot of Parking lot space to set your sh*t up!!!!!

    • Daniel De La Cruz

      Chuy’s Mesquite Grill, Simi Valley West. This place rocks and has plenty of Parking Lot space to set up your sh*t!

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