chacarron W.....T.....Fing....F.
This guy? This guy has a song. And you should hear it….

His name? His name is Chacarron and this is his song…

I can’t even begin to start processing this. So instead of explaining or examining this anathema any further, what say we wash that taste out of our mouth with a good hard dose of real music?


  • vaderbot

    I blame this on fluoride and chem-trails. Has the world lost their mind and sense of what music is? Give me the effing money studio execs! At least I can churn out something 100 times better that this trash. But you know Dr. C who is really to blame for this? Those who actually bought this crap! Shame on you Chaccaron lovers!

  • Tami Heide

    I whip my hair back and forth.

  • Gina Champagne

    I agree with the title at the top of this page! That is all… GLJ4E love the Thunderstruck tune!:)

  • LeAnn

    This is not singing it’s gibberish CRAP!!! I agree with you vaderbot what is this world coming to? Anything to make money off the fools that would buy that CRAP!! Go figure?

  • Phil7343

    Shut up Meg!

  • Jasmin

    has anyone heard of what the song really means ;)

  • MIchael

    Wasn’t this last years American Idol winner?
    Sorry guess not, cause most of them you never hear from again with the exception a 2 or 3 that found a market.

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