[Photo Contest] National Pancake Day

pancake post 1 [Photo Contest] National Pancake Day

Pancake Mustache

How did you think you could beat Jack FM at a pancake contest? Our secret ingredient is eggs, milk,and bisquik.

On off-chance you happen to be a creative pancake GENIUS, heat up your camera and load that griddle (wait, scratch that- reverse it).

First, prep your griddle. Once you’ve crafted your pancake masterpiece, DON’T EAT IT! Be patient.

Take a picture of your creative pancake before you can devour your syrupy stack. Once you have your proof, cook up an email and send it to Jack@931jackfm.com. Alternatively, you could always upload it to our Facebook page, if you’re into that.

Either way, for your submission to count A) we must be able to see your pancake; B) your face must be in the picture with the pancake; and C) Emeril Lagasse cannot help you.

Good luck.


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