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[Photo Contest] National Pancake Day

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pancake post 1 [Photo Contest] National Pancake Day

Pancake Mustache

How did you think you could beat Jack FM at a pancake contest? Our secret ingredient is eggs, milk,and bisquik.

On off-chance you happen to be a creative pancake GENIUS, heat up your camera and load that griddle (wait, scratch that- reverse it).

First, prep your griddle. Once you’ve crafted your pancake masterpiece, DON’T EAT IT! Be patient.

Take a picture of your creative pancake before you can devour your syrupy stack. Once you have your proof, cook up an email and send it to Alternatively, you could always upload it to our Facebook page, if you’re into that.

Either way, for your submission to count A) we must be able to see your pancake; B) your face must be in the picture with the pancake; and C) Emeril Lagasse cannot help you.

Good luck.

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