[Obscure National Holiday] Pancake Day With LIVE PANCAKE CAM

jack pancake [Obscure National Holiday] Pancake Day With LIVE PANCAKE CAM

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It’s March 1st, baby. Let Jack FM drizzle a lil syrup on your hot cakes.

Before we kick off a month of “madness”, we need to recognize today as NATIONAL PANCAKE DAY! It’s the one day a year we eat what we want. Today, Jack FM reveals… PANCAKE CAM!

Yes. A live video stream dedicated to that delicious, golden breakfast cake. Watch our LIVE VIDEO feed below and behold what kind of power those flat-top wonders bequeath… hell, you could win a prize just for tuning in.

fullscreenmode 2 [Obscure National Holiday] Pancake Day With LIVE PANCAKE CAM

Look at those beauties! We haven’t seen a pancake that hot since Sasha Grey’s debut.

The feed will be live until National Pancake Day is over. Can’t get enough of Jack’s favorite breakfast? Try your hand at our first ever PANCAKE CONTEST. Try while you can – National Pancake day ends at MIDNIGHT.


national pancake day

Image Credit: Jack FM

Celebrating National Pancake Day by stealing your neighbor’s griddle? Getting syrup all over your co-worker’s keyboards? Or maybe you just think those pancakes you cooked this morning are a tad more creative than ours. Take a picture and send it in. The winner of the most creative pancake will win a pair of concert tickets!

Did you miss some amazing pancake art from the Jack FM PANCAKE CAM? Don’t worry – we have a live photo gallery that is continuously being updated by an unpaid intern.


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