Cartoon Crackdown: Our Favorite Characters Brush With The Law

zoidberg post Cartoon Crackdown: Our Favorite Characters Brush With The Law

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Quick raise of hands: Who here has a copy of Yogi Bear’s mug shot? We need it for our wall of fame. We have a great spot open right between Michael Jackson and Woody Harrelson.

For the past few weeks, cartoons from Adam Ant to Zoidberg have been at arms with the law. Our verdict? They’re mad that “Animation Domination” has been limited to only one day a week. Greedy little bastards.


11-year-old drawing

While we promise stories of cartoon characters going behind bars, this story just seems too crazy to pass up.

An 11-year-old Colorado boy was hand-cuffed, arrested, and hauled away for doodling in class. Of course his drawings seem inappropriate (a young boy holding a gun with the writing “music sucks”), but he was etching out his frustrations – something his therapist told him to do.

Now the kid is charged with third degree misdemeanor. He was put in a cell, fingerprinted, even had his mug shot taken.  According to the police report, the child explained he made the drawing to release anger and would never hurt teachers or anyone. A juvenile assessment even reports that he had never been in legal trouble and is therefore at low risk to reoffend… even so, we think it’s a slight overreaction to put an 11-year-old in a jail cell. His therapist agrees, saying this event could cause much more harm than good.

Why didn’t they just put the drawing in jail? After all, fictional characters can’t cause legal trouble… or can they?

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