We Can’t Believe It’s Not Axl…

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Getty Images // Robert Cianflone

There’s nobody in the world that is as good as Axl Rose! NO ONE! Not a single, living soul can sing like Axl! Never in the history of rock will we hear the battle cry of a rock legend —- wait, what’s this?

Damn you internet! You tricked us. As badly as we want that Guns N’ Roses reunion, replacing Axl with some dude named Juan just doesn’t seem right.

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  • Gina

    Too funny….your wording that is…that’s what I like to read….:)

  • Carlos

    screw axl lets get the band together without him and put juan in

  • http://jack.radio.com/2011/04/12/dont-worry-tom-cruise-takes-lessons-from-axls-voice-coach/ Don’t Worry! Tom Cruise Takes Lessons From Axl’s Voice Coach

    […] Well, Tom has blown us away before. Will he do it again, or should they have gone with this guy? […]

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