hatemail JACK FM... HATE MAIL Volume SIX

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Believe it or not….some people really do hate JACK FM. Hard to believe, we know. But instead of waiting outside their house wearing a ski mask and brandishing a tire iron, we have decided to deal with the hate mail in a less felony-y way…..by posting it here…

[lastfm link_type=”similar_artist_radio”]Bryan Adams[/lastfm] listens to our station! At least Jack FM can take pride in the fact that when we offend, we offend big; Not just a simple listener, but Jack FM even reaches the musicians who were once big, then faded away, then got big again. Oh wait, that’s wasn’t Bryan Adams- that was [lastfm link_type=”similar_artist_radio”]Spinal Tap[/lastfm].

bryan adams ash wednesday

The Email

JACK FM respects all cultures, religions and customs but we also retain the right to have fun with any and everything because when any thing, person or group starts taking themselves too seriously, trouble is soon to follow.

On the bright side, at least someone caught it before the scandal ended up on YouTube. This is the last time we let our writing staff of socially ignorant pedestrians out of their jail cell in Human Resources.

Let us be very clear. Ash Wednesday is not a joke – Purim is.

  • evie

    Well I guess Honesty is not in Bryan Adam’s things to give up or he’d have used his real name.

  • Tami Heide

    Purim- now THAT’S FUNNY!!!

  • Dana

    Holy shit! Bryan Adams sends you mail? Damn, he never replies to my fan mail. What about the panties I sent ya Bryan? Or the video of me strppin to your slow jam Heaven? Like you always say Jack…. Haters gonna hate! I still love ya! Jpke em if they cant take a f**k

  • Marina

    I have one word for sense-of-humorless people:

  • jigglypuff

    Everything I dooooooo, I do it for yoooooou. Aw Bryan Adams, I always pictured you as a lover, not a fighter…or douche.

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