[JACK’s Tattoo Madness] And The Winner Is…

tattoo post lead [JACKs Tattoo Madness] And The Winner Is...

The event of the year unfolded before our very eyes…

Among a room stacked to the ceiling with motorcycles, a melee of bodacious tattoos fought against one another as the final event of JACK’S TATTOO MADNESS launched. Each contestant violently hoped for glory, yet they remained cool behind their facade of composure. Sticker Pimps and bouncers also stood by, everybody anxiously waiting to hear the call of the winner. An eagerness floated through the air that rivaled the Marine Layer.

We must admit, for a minute there we thought this competition may lead to an anything-goes-all-out-brawl. Fortunately, no ink was drawn and no blood spilled.

So who won?

Congratulations to Cale Glendening of Studio City! You win JACK’S TATTOO MADNESS!

Enjoy your 2011 Harley Davidson Fatboy Low! You deserve it. Just please, wear a helmet.

tattoo dl 21 [JACKs Tattoo Madness] And The Winner Is...

Cale Glendening

So where you going on that thing? Would you mind dropping us off at our dumpy little building in downtown Culver City? The Bustache just broke down and we spent all our cash on this tattoo balm…

[photogallerylink id=35766 align=left][photogallerylink id=35849 align=left]

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