Fresh Prince… How Long Was That Cab Ride?

fresh prince cab ride Fresh Prince... How Long Was That Cab Ride?

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Apparently we’re not the only ones concerned with this issue, but nonetheless…

Did [lastfm link_type=”similar_artist_radio”]Will Smith[/lastfm], AKA The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, really take a cab all the way from Pennsylvania (where he was born and raised) to California (Yo homes, to Bel-Air)?

will smith Fresh Prince... How Long Was That Cab Ride?

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Let’s see here…

Quick breakdown:
Initial Cab Fare                              | $2.70
Cost Per Mile                                | $0.20
West Philadelphia > Bel-Air            |  2,740 miles

So if our math is correct (with the help of

  • Mrs.

    I know the middle part normally isn’t there but Listen at the 1 minute 8 second mark when he actually gets the cab! Notice the Hollywood sign in the backround too!

    • Mrs.

      & the license plate said ‘California’ lol

  • leticia

    if you listen to the full version of the song you would know that he took an airplane from philly to la. and on some episodes they even show him on a plane while he raps those lines. he doesn’t get in a cab until he is in so cal.

  • Stephen

    LOL Well if you pay attention, his mom gives him plane tickets and he is even signing about flying first class. He doesn’t get in the cab till he is in Ca.

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