Fresh Prince… How Long Was That Cab Ride?

fresh prince cab ride Fresh Prince... How Long Was That Cab Ride?

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Apparently we’re not the only ones concerned with this issue, but nonetheless…

Did [lastfm link_type=”similar_artist_radio”]Will Smith[/lastfm], AKA The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, really take a cab all the way from Pennsylvania (where he was born and raised) to California (Yo homes, to Bel-Air)?

will smith Fresh Prince... How Long Was That Cab Ride?

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Let’s see here…

Quick breakdown:
Initial Cab Fare                              | $2.70
Cost Per Mile                                | $0.20
West Philadelphia > Bel-Air            |  2,740 miles

So if our math is correct (with the help of

estimated cab fare Fresh Prince... How Long Was That Cab Ride?

EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS??? Where did some b-ball shootin’ delinquent get that kind of bankroll?**

In west Philadelphia born and raised
On the playground is where I spent most of my days
Chillin out, maxin, relaxing all cool,
And all shooting some b-ball outside of the school
When a couple of guys who were up to no good
Started making trouble in my neighborhood
I got in one lil fight and my mom got scared
And said “You’re moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air”

I whistled for a cab and when it came near
The license plate said FRESH and it had dice in the mirror
If anything I can say this cab was rare
But I thought naw forget it yo homes to Bel-Air

I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8
And I yelled to the cabby “Yo homes smell ya later”
I looked at my kingdom I was finally there
To sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel Air

**We have a strong hunch DJ Jazzy Jeff kicked in a few bones

[Source: CollegeHumor]


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