Scariest Tsunami Footage Yet

tsun Scariest Tsunami Footage Yet
We’ve all seen numerous videos from the destruction in Japan that took place one month ago. This video surfaced on the internet yesterday and may be the scariest footage yet….

This video was shot in Iwaki City…..

I think I speak for all of us when I say, “Holy freakin’ sh!t”

Donations and aid are still needed in Japan. Click on THIS to be directed to the Red Cross JAPAN website to make a donation.

  • Jenn

    OMG! I know you can’t but wish you could tell me that all those folks made it up that hill and out of the water!

  • evie

    FRAK ME!

  • MissNovemberTuesday

    Did you see the one that was 6 1/2 minutes long and showed the water first coming down the street to the point where entire buildings were washing away?! Just 6 1/2 minutes!

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