Top Five Reasons To Beware The Bunny…

White Rabbit, from The Matrix

matrix white rabbit Top Five Reasons To Beware The Bunny...

LOL U like techno too?

Remember those obnoxious scenes in the Matrix movie… follow the white rabbit, Neo… save the world, Neo… go to the rave, Neo… don’t let the bus go under 50, Neo…

Yeah, that movie was pretty bad. Now every time we hear [lastfm link_type=”similar_artist_radio”]Jefferson Airplane[/lastfm]’s White Rabbit, we’re can’t help but fear that The Matrix is real. That, or, Keanu Reeves is somewhere nearby and wants to act for us.

Thanks for that, Wachowski Brothers. Thanks A LOT.

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  • Top Five Reasons To Beware The Bunny…

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  • Roy Berger

    Bunnies just aren’t what people think. Imagine those Flemish Giants and they keep coming and coming. The rabbits are coming…soon and you could be bunny stew.

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