These Unlikely Duets Should Record More Songs Together


eminem elton john These Unlikely Duets Should Record More Songs Together

Straight up pimpin'

  • Why it works:Stan” has been referred to as a cultural milestone in Eminem’s career. During a time when the rapper was facing criticism from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation over his lyrics, Eminem responded by performing his tune with openly gay Elton John. The song’s dark narrative is haunting and foreboding, with a storytelling as good as the best Victorian dramatic verse. With the added bonus of Sir Elton John’s reverberant chords interspersed between bursts of thunder, this rendition garnered critical acclaim.
  • Other hits they should record: While we’d love to hear Eminem rap a few verses in “Honky Cat” or “Daniel“, it may be better yet if Elton revamped “My Name Is” into a soft-rock ballad.

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