[Ask Tami] What’s That Song? “Flake with no name”

no name [Ask Tami] Whats That Song? Flake with no name

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played at around 12:30 pm today. could you just list a couple songs that were played around there?

-No Name

Ask Tami

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No Name-

Was it [lastfm link_type=”similar_artist_radio”]Jack Johnson[/lastfm] “Flake”?



Got anymore brain-busters?

… What’s that song: “80’s song male voice”?

… What’s that song: “Shake it back and forth”?

… What’s that song: “You charming little girl”?

  • Jnette

    I heard this song at abt 3:13pm today April 28- w/ lyrics like” i wanna know your name or i dont know ur name”,, something like that. What the title of that song.


  • http://jack.radio.com/2011/05/02/ask-tami-whats-that-song-all-the-other-children/ [Ask Tami] What’s That Song? “All the other children…”

    […] … What’s that song: “Fake with no name?” […]

  • jana

    some happy sounding foreign song with whoo oooh oooh in the chorus

  • steven

    I am fiercely hunting for a disco style song. It goes na na na na na nan na na naaa in a falsetto voice, male or female i have no clue. Sounds like Staying Alive by The Bee Gees but i know its not. I hear it when jack fm plays a montage of music and then says “Playing.. what we want.” Please assist!

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