WWE Superstar John Cena’s Osama Announcement

john cena WWE Superstar John Cenas Osama Announcement

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

At the end of an exciting Pay-Per-View WWE Extreme Rules, John Cena grabbed the mic and announced to a crowd of thousands that Osama bin Laden was “captured and compromised to a permanent end.”

[Source: The Daily What]

  • Edgealina

    John Cena…. You need to sit you candy ass down and shut your mouth…I hate you and you are for little kids and fat chicks only…. It’s all about The Rated R Superstar Edge aka the awesome, handsome, most loving man…(Adam Copeland) and always will be! Retired or not… Sorry, but Edge’s buddy that won last night Christian is just a poor mans EDGE. Anyways, Edge is the face of the WWE as well as “The Miz” You need to go away and people BOO THIS MAN!

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