Best MILFs in Movie History… For Mother’s Day

jennifer coolidge Best MILFs in Movie History... For Mothers Day

Donald Weber / Getty Images

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Know what that means? Before May 8th, we need to barricade our studio and reinforce the building with extra security.

Mother’s Day after Mother’s Day, something happens to these Hollywood Moms … some are real mothers, others have only played them. But on this holiday, fantasies of motherhood overcomes rationale and these ladies flock en masse to our dumpy little building.

Not this time.

If today we can kill all of the flowers in our garden, eradicate the kitchen of chocolate, and set the parental blocks for Oxygen, Lifetime, and WE… we just might make it…

We’ve compiled a “Most Wanted” list to help you identify the MILFs which stalk us. If you see any of these ladies lurking around, call 866.931.JACK immediately. You’ll be saving lives.


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