YOU Decide JACK’s Specialty Cinco de Mayo Margarita

cranfill cinco de mayo YOU Decide JACKs Specialty Cinco de Mayo Margarita

Drunk Dr. Cranfill

We’re up to our ears in tequila.

Margaritas have always been the staple of our celebration, but this year we’re feeling a bit flat. It’s always been “Rocks or Frozen” here in our dumpy,  little building…

Until now…

You help us decide what Margaritas Flavors we should drink.

And just like that, The Man puts the kibosh on Margarita Cam.

You choose your favorite flavors below and we’ll try them out.

We will even review each flavor as the votes come in. Tune in tomorrow to watch video footage of each attempt.

First we blend, then we drink, then we review.

So go ahead – help us celebrate.

Don’t see a flavor you want us to drink? Leave your suggestion in the comment section below and we’ll do it!

  • Inez

    cadillac margarita with a tequilla chaser.

  • Bonnie

    What? No bacon…if Denny’s can have a bacon sundae,you can have bacon margaritas…

  • Jenn

    Yes!! I knew I would not be the only one to wonder about the effect of a Nyquil Margarita!! It should be, at the least, very relaxing!! Just remember to put the “testee” on their side after!

  • And That’s Why You Always Check With Legal First…

    […] We really wanted to drink today. […]

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