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THOR Cast Talks Movie, Music, and Marvel

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thor THOR Cast Talks Movie, Music, and Marvel

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Hollywood is rampant with superheroes.

You could go see Thor because it’s a great superhero movie. Or, you could see Thor because it’s a massive, science-fiction experience. If that’s not your fancy, check out the ultimate action-adventure film of the summer.

Whatever reason you choose to see Thor, you won’t be disappointed- the classic hero’s quest finally feels fresh. The storytelling of Kenneth Branagh wraps the best elements of a superhero blockbuster inside a classic drama.

Thor opens nationwide May 6th.

Click here for a background on Marvel’s Thor.

“The hero’s story: An entitled and arrogant young man, who perhaps in order to learn some sort of lesson, must lose everything first,  before he can understand and reacquire its value.”
-Kenneth Branagh

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