Mother’s Day Mix Tape

hilary post Mothers Day Mix Tape

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

The greatest gift on Mother’s day? Why, MUSICAL TIME TRAVEL, of course. No, we don’t mean you should record the first ten songs that play on the oldies station- that would be a terribly lazy gift to give the woman who gave you life (besides that’s what we gave her last year).

No, we’re talking a musical BLAST FROM THE PAST, one that’ll have your Momma dancing and groovin’ like that baby from Ally McBeal (that reference was for her, not you).

Of course, what good is a mix tape when you’ve already heard all the songs on it?

We don’t want her to think we just grabbed a few song titles off her old vinyl. We did that two years ago. So here’s our newer, more improved list.


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