[Legends of Tomorrow’s Past] Navy SEAL Dog

babe ruth [Legends of Tomorrows Past] Navy SEAL Dog

Jim McIsaac / Getty Images

“Heroes live forever, but legends never die…”

Well said, Babe Ruth from The Sandlot – we couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

In the wake of Osama Bin Laden’s death we’ve all been admiring the team that took him down: Seal Team Six. Those men are heroes of the highest order, but we’re not here to honor the great heroes of our time. We’re here to honor the legends, and there is one member of Seal Team Six around whom rumors are already beginning to turn to legend…

There were 80 commandos involved in the raid on Bin Laden’s compound. 79 men, and one highly trained, fearless four-legged friend with a perpetually wet nose.

A trained Navy SEAL Dog. Not to be confused with a seal dog.

The U.S. Government has been mum on all details surrounding the dog, they have refused to release his identity, and even his breed is being kept under wraps. We know practically nothing about this dog, except that IT IS THE COOLEST DOG EVER!

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