You Know That Drum Kit JACK FM is Giving Away?

drums You Know That Drum Kit JACK FM is Giving Away?
I don’t care if you if you win this drum kit or not, you’re never gonna rock like this guy…

(Drum kit pictured is NOT the actual drum kit to be given away) 

Behold. The greatest drummer of all time. Suck it Neil Pert.

You tell me Animal isn’t the greatest drummer of all time and I’ll show you the business end of a front kick to the chin.

But here are three of videos from what I humbly consider three of the OTHER greatest drummers alive today….

Neil Pert from Rush (duh)

Danny Carey from Tool

Tommy Lee

MORE INFO ABOUT the Motley Crue/Poison signed drum kit can be found here


  • Kevin Donovan

    well, the late John Henry Bonham, was the greatest., but the best “living” drummer has to be Kenny Aronoff

  • Howard

    While this is pretty impressive, I still think Led Zeppelin’s Jon Bonham’s solo at the Forum in 1977 was even more impressive! 15 min’s straight for each member of the band so each of the others got a 45 minute rest was better. Even with Jimmy Pages twelve string guitar, his kettle drums along with conventional drums was so bitchn’!!!

  • ethan jones


  • gigOblilk

    Ja, sennilega svo pad er

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