[Man Cave] Essential Wii Games

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wii nintendo [Man Cave] Essential Wii Games

Alex Grimm / Getty Images

As you’ve seen, the Man Cave is chock-full of gadgets and pleasantries. Not only do we have a giant TV with surround sound, but we’re also throwing in the top-of-the-line video game systems to blow your mind. Kick back on that comforter and take a look at some of the best games the Nintendo Wii has to offer.

While not the most powerful video game system on the market, the Nintendo Wii is leading the console wars with impressive sales numbers. The Wii’s killer feature is its motion sensing controllers which set it apart from the competition.

Competitors like Sony and Microsoft took notice and have released their own interactive accessories, but it may be too little too late- the announcement of the Wii’s successor will be revealed at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) this coming June.

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