Top 10 Video Games….OF ALL TIME

So here we are. The #1 Video Game of All Time. There was never any question. Never any debate. It is, definitively THE GREATEST VIDEO GAME EVER to grace this, or any other planet. And it is….

1) Super Mario Kart 64 (1997 N64)

The original Super Mario Kart on SNES was solid but the addition of 3-D graphics, 4-player capability and expanded race courses made Super Mario Kart 64 the most addictive thing in the 90’s second only to crack cocaine. I swear. I honestly may have played this game 128 billion times. That’s a rough estimate but I don’t think anyone can honestly argue AGAINST this pic as #1 overall. Men, women, children and senior citizens all agree, Super Mario Kart 64 is straight up BAD ASS. For those of you that could never quite get that super-duper shortcut jump done on Rainbow Road, check out the video below… should explain everything…

Feel free to comment on what you think I left out, who should be the honorable mentions, and any other beefs, gripes, kudos, or grievances you may have with this list…..

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  • Dr. Cranfill

    Nope, Dr. Cranfill is 100% correct and I agree with everything that he says.

  • RattRocker

    Where is Tetris? COD4 is the best COD game. Where is Pokemon Gold/Silver? And the biggest problem is Minecraft isn’t on here!!! oh and the best guitar hero is the Metallica one.

    • zombieslayer457

      no,black ops is better,the weapons might be older but they feel like REAL guns,yeah i know the way the guns reload sound like toys but thats ok, look on the bright side,no more noob nuke to end your killstreak.

  • Rabbit

    Can you imagine playing Joust on a WII?? Talk about possible damage to self and home!
    I wish there had been way to enter w/o calling in. I never got through!! “- (

  • Nelson

    MEGA MAN 3 AND SUPER MARIO 3 raised me and taught me all the skills I needed in life. LOL

  • Me

    I NEVER got that damn jump on Rainbow Ridge. I did ask for an old Nintendo 64 for this past Christmas though (cheap, off ebay!) and look forward to trying it again. My Mario Kart is already in the console!!!

  • Daniel De La Cruz


  • evie

    i feel bad for the fone fox.. he is hearing a lot of “BUT I WANT THE MAN CAVE!” from me!

  • zombieslayer457

    what about black ops,or l4d2 or gta4 bogt

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